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MV-35 (9/13)
This form is to be used ONLY by the vehicle owner for transfer to an itinerant vehicle collector
(IVC), vehicle dismantler or scrap processor. It is NOT to be used to transfer ownership from the
vehicle owner to any entities not licensed by DMV such as tow truck drivers or charitable
(NYS DMV Commissioner’s Rules and Regulations - Part 81.8)
Tow truck drivers cannot claim ownership of vehicles being delivered for scrap via the MV-35. The
individual or entity they acquired the vehicle from is the owner. The tow truck driver is only the
delivery agent.
(NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law - Section 429-1(b))
Any tow truck drivers engaged in the business of acquiring inoperable vehicles for scrap are
required to be registered as Itinerant Vehicle Collectors (IVC) or vehicle dismantlers. Registered
IVCs are required to issue a “Salvage Certificate for a 1973 or Newer Vehicle” (MV-907A) for all
vehicles they deliver to vehicle dismantlers or scrap processors. Vehicle dismantlers and scrap
processors should not accept vehicles from IVCs unless it is via a MV-907A. The completed MV-35
should be attached to the DMV copy of the MV-907A as ownership documentation.
(NYS Vehicle &
Traffic Law - Section 429-1(b))
VIN _________________________________________
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